Quest For Glory 1: So You Want To Be a Hero Review:

Adventure. Humor. Danger. Quests. Glory. My childhood.

This game has it all.


Quest For Glory 1 is such an incredible game. This is the game that made role playing games a must buy. I have no idea how my dad came in possession of this game but I’m very thankful for it. As a five year old I would spend countless hours on the computer entertaining myself in the town of Spielburg. I obviously didn’t have any idea what the story was due to the lack of my reading abilities but the graphics were so much better than our video game console. (Sega Master System, google it for a laugh) My sister Ashley and I would play it to see who could get further without dying. She always tended to win because she was four years older than I was and had a better grip on the realm of Quest For Glory.

I also have very fond memories of playing it with my Grandpa Harper. He is still alive at the ripe age of 88 but back then he still had problems trying to keep up with adventurous five year old.

This game was installed on five floppy discs.

I miss these. They symbolize the early 90s.

I miss these. They symbolize the early 90s.

There are so many things I want say about this game but I don’t think I can describe my feelings toward it. Just think of your favorite movie, video game or toy as a child and you get that warm nostalgic feeling. It’s like that.

Anyway enough fantasizing about the past. The game takes place in the valley of Spielburg. The game itself has a German theme along with the theme of Spring.

The story is that you are a young adventurer seeking to become a hero. You’ve traveled down the mountain to Spielburg. You know no one and have nothing but your traveling pack with you that includes rations, a bag of coins and a weapon. If you’re a Fighter than it’s a sword/shield. If you’re a Thief or Magician than it’s a dagger. That’s the thing with this game. You can choose what character type you are at the beginning of the game. A Fighter will give you the basic warrior. You use your strength and fight monsters head on. You aren’t afraid of any monster. If you choose the magician you fight with magic (obviously) you get a total of nine spells at your disposal but you will have to find the scrolls to each one throughout the game to use them. If you choose a Thief than you use your steal and quick dagger to defeat your foes. Unlike other games your character’s appearance doesn’t change when you pick a different class. You always have that same bad ass red cape.

Each character can do different stuff that the other ones can’t. That means excellent replay value. Fighters can fight the weapon master and buy chain armor. Magicians can do a ton of magic spells and play wizard games with a wizards and thieves can break into houses around Spielburg and steal stuff. You can sell the stolen goods below the tavern. SO MUCH ACTIVITIES TO DO!

Always with that signature red cape.

Always with that signature red cape.

Ok so let’s get down to the story of this amazing game.

There are lots of quests to be completed. See the picture above? That’s the Guild Hall where the quests on the board are all yours for the taking.

Quests include bringing back a lost golden ring that the Healer has lost. (It’s right outside her house in the bird nest. Her pet bird brought it out there.) If you give the ring back to her you get five gold coins, two healing potions and…. a kiss. The healer is NOT hot and she looks kinda like a Aunt Jemima. So afterward the hero runs away. Literally. Haha.

Ok so the main plot is…. about 15 years ago the Baron of Spielburg tried banishing the evil Baba Yaga!!! Baba Yaga is a folklore myth from Russia. The myth goes that Baba Yaga is an evil ogress witch that lives deep in the forest in a hut. Her hut stands on two chicken feet. In Quest For Glory she is exactly that.

Baba Yaga got pissed at the Baron and put a spell on the valley of Spielburg. A dragon flew over the castle and stole the Baron’s eight year old daughter. Five years later the Baron’s son sets off on a deadly hunt and never returns.

So it’s now been 10 years since the daughter was taken away from the Baron who is all alone. His wife died during child birth to their daughter.

SO your quests are to find the Baron’s daughter and son. Also rid the valley of Baba Yaga.

Simple enough.

I could write a walkthrough to this game as I’ve played it close to a 100 times. I won’t but it’s tempting.

The thing that makes this game so special is the characters in it. There is about a cast of 25 characters. Each one is unique and has their own sense of humor. Casper might be my favorite. He is the shop keeper. He reads a book called “Quest for Glory: A Hero’s Death” tell me that’s not funny. I also like Karl, the castle gatekeeper. He will talk your ear off. Speaking of characters I’m just going to name some characters you can meet. The sheriff and his goon Otto. You can ask out Heidi the centaur. She is hot from the torso up… below the torso she is Sarah Jessica Parker. You can meet crusher at the bar he is a goon as well, just don’t drink the Dragon’s Breath. There is Sam the beggar. The Guild Master and the nice cat like people that own the inn. They are called Shameen and Shama. There is also Abdulla who was a rich merchant that was robbed by the Brigands. The Brigands are a band of thieves and no not the musical type band.

These are Brigands. They are dicks.

These are Brigands. They are dicks.

Outside of the town of Spielburg you can visit the castle. There are a few characters to talk to including Karl and the horse keeper. There is the weapon master who if you are a Fighter you can train with to bring your stats up. I have never beaten him. I’ve seen it on youtube but never had the fortune of doing so myself, because of this I cannot fully complete the game 100%. The game has a point system. 500 points total, each a little different for each character.

If you want to get anything done you will have to enter the forest. There is a cast of characters there as well including a wizard and his rat, a hermit, the meeps, the dryad. (a female spirit of the woods from Greek mythology) a talking fox, Bruno, Kobold (another myth but this time from German decent), a ice giant, some dancing fairies and of course Baba Yaga. I forgot to mention this is a point and click game. Meaning no use of the keyboard. Battle and dialogue is all done by clicking.

This game has about 100 ways to die. Each one is hilarious too as it gives you a paragraph and a pun with how you died.

Those videos should give you a better idea of the gameplay as well as the humor in this game.

Ok you interact with all of these characters who help you on your quest to becoming a hero. I won’t go into detail on every quest with them but each one takes a lot of thinking of how to figure out.

A super speed version of the game goes like this.

The Baron’s son has been turned into a Bear that is in a cave guarded by a huge troll. Kill the troll, feed the bear to get past it and then fight Kobold and take the key. Free the Bear and it turns into the Baron’s son. 1/3 of the game beat already.

Find the hidden entrance into the Brigands fortress and sneak your way past the puzzling maze in the fortress to meet the Brigand leader which is none other than…….THE BARON’S DAUGHTER!! Brain washed, she is the leader of the clan. Use a potion on her that you have to make during the game to free her from the curse. 2/3 of the game beat. Take the magic mirror from the Brigand fortress and head to Baba Yaga’s hut.

When that bitch I mean witch tries to kill you use the magic mirror to turn her into a frog. BOOM game over! Just head to the castle for the game ending!

I was about 15 before I completed the game except for one major part….. I ran to the castle after rescuing the daughter and Abdulla rewards you by giving you his flying carpet and you fly off with him and Sheeman and Shema to their land… major problem I never fought Baba Yaga. She took her fury out on the town of Spielburg and it suffered for another 100 years…. oops.

After that I was pissed that I forgot to fight her and didn’t play the game for years. After a few years we got a new computer and it couldn’t install the game anymore because it was for DOS. I was crushed that I would never beat the childhood game I loved. I searched forever for a CD version of the game or a downloadable version. The CD version was so rare that is cost $300 to buy… I mean I like this game but come on. I finally found a downloadable version but it was only for PC. Once again we had bought a brand new computer that had a wide screen monitor. Once again the downloadable version didn’t work because the screen was too wide and the graphics couldn’t be supported on it.

Finally after years of searching I found another version of the game that was downloadable… for PC but of course I had a MAC. I asked my girlfriend if I could use her laptop to download it and finally….FINALLY after close to eight years of searching for it I had it again… I took no time beating the game the right way.

18 years in the making…. I had achieved my quest. I had glory.

Here is the link if you wish to download Quest for Glory 1-5 for only $10!!!!

This 1991 game still holds its own for today’s gaming standards. Made by Sierra who sadly no longer exists, this game is adventure at its finest. A extremely rare perfect 10/10.

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  1. Amorena says:

    I loved this game! That’s probably why I have never played a video game since. Just can’t beat it.

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