Resistance 2 Review


Major changes. Does that mean it’s better?

I finally got Resistance 2 this past Christmas from my sister Amorena. I had the first Resistance since 2007 but I never played the next chapter of the series until now. Resistance 2 is a huge step away from the first game but that comes with both pros and cons.

The first thing that both my girlfriend and I noticed was that there was no co-op for the story mode.  This was highly disappointing as we both looked forward to teaming up again and beating the second game as we beat the first. This sidelined Kaessi to watching me play Resistance 2. The second thing that was an obvious change was you couldn’t pick up as many weapons as you wanted in this game. That meant no more carry eight plus weapons and never having to run out of ammo. It also meant a more realistic gameplay feel as well as having to be careful with your ammunition supply. The positives I noticed was the graphics were much more crisp. The first Resistance had rough almost box like graphics on the guns and Chimera. The second game had much smoother graphics which led some epic landscapes and sky line views.

It's not a sunset.... but still beautiful

It’s not a sunset…. but still beautiful

The other positive was the plot. The first Resistance didn’t have too much of a plot driven story. It was survive and listen to the narration. The second game did a much better job of drawing me into the story with the continued story of Nathan Hale and his quest to stop the Chimera. The game starts off with a bang. Nathan Hale finds himself back on the front lines against the Chimera. He survived the blast in the first game and is now being introduced to war again. I believe it’s two years after the first game as Hale has been in a coma while scientists and doctors study his body. He is after all becoming a Chimera. The virus slowly is converting him which is one of the biggest story lines in the game. Resistance 2 introduces a few new things in the series. First off right on level one it has you battling huge Chimeran or machines. They literally tower over you as you have to find rockets to blow them out.

You fight this big walker on level one.

You fight this big walker on level one.

Eventually you even fight giant Chimera. I’m not exactly sure how they traveled to Earth but hey they are here… so kill them.

No it's not Godzilla but Japanese people still run from him.

No it’s not Godzilla but Japanese people still run from him.

Resistance 2 at times is even a bit scary. There are humans that are being transformed into Chimera through these human flesh pods. They are almost everywhere in the game. They can burst open at any time and the newly formed Chimera chase you and claw at you almost like savage zombies. There are some parts in the game where the pods are in dark abandoned buildings where you are by yourself with only a flashlight and a gun. It sort of reminded me of Resident Evil. It was a new twist that added a little something to the series. Also new are a few guns. There is a magnum that shoots bullets that explode after you hit R2. Pretty useful for such a little gun. For the actual game itself it feels about the same length as the first one. That’s a good thing meaning a long single player campaign with many levels and lots of fun adventures. You don’t have a co-op player along with you for the ride but you do have a team of about four A.I. players with you for about 75% of the game. They can actually do quite a bit of damage as well. I’m not sure if it was just because of my first play through or what but Resistance 2 seems tougher. The enemies take more damage before they die and it seems like your health evaporates quicker. Oh yeah, no more little yellow health tubes to restore your health like the first game. You don’t get a bar divided into four quarters for you health, you get a don’t get shot and you live system. Pretty self explanatory. The main enemy boss who you chase throughout the game is Daedalus. A huge sponge Chimeran with a human head. I just googled Daedalus and it comes from a Greek myth. He was supposedly a craftsman who created the wings for Icarus. Interesting.

No this isn't a character from the Hills Have Eyes. It's Daedalus.

No this isn’t a character from the Hills Have Eyes. It’s Daedalus.

Daedalus often teases Hale with information before escaping. One thing he mentions is that his race was here before humans. Their kind is just returning to claim what is theirs. Interesting again. Daedalus often is in the mind of Hale and speaks to him more often as Hale turns more into a Chimera. At the end of the game Hale faces off with Daedalus in a not so hard final boss battle. After Hale kills him he somehow receives super human powers in which he can point and make stuff explode. Hale’s team than escapes after they plant a nuke in the Chimeran base and blast off in a ship. As Hale has been reckless in the game and not taken his inhibitors that make him stay human it’s not a surprise that Hale is more Chimeran at this point than human. The ship crashes and Hale gets out and turns around to his last remaining teammate and states that “It’s beautiful and this is just the beginning.” His teammate promptly pulls out a 9 MM and blows Hale’s brains all over the place. Quite the ending to Hale as he was the face of the Resistance franchise up to this point. This game took a great step in the right direction with the story. It took a couple steps back with the no co-op for the main story. In the end the positives out weigh the negatives. A great game. 9/10.

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