Resistance 3 Review:

resistance 3 cover

The last game in the saga….. for now.

Resistance 3 is the final chapter on the Playstation 3. I have a hunch that the franchise will sneak its way onto Playstation 4 in the future.

Resistance 3 leaves off after Resistance 2, obviously. The star of the franchise Nathan Hale, is long gone, thanks to Joe Capelli the new star of the franchise. If you don’t remember, Hale, was the hero to the first two games but he was infected with the Chimeran virus and was slowly becoming a Chimera.

Capelli never trusted Hale, and at the end of the second game a giant worm hole opens up and Hale says to Capelli “Can you hear them?”

Capelli who was waiting for any reason to put a bullet through Hale’s brain pulls the trigger after that.

Fast forward four years and you have a discharged Capelli living in Oklahoma in an underground human town, population about 100. Capelli now has a family including a wife and a young boy around the age of three.

This is the first major difference between Resistance 3 and the first two games. There are human elements. You actually see survivors and the way society has changed. Dead bodies laying around is the norm. Hope you like cold beans in a can because that’s all you’re going to eat. Better bring a pair of mittens as well as the Chimeran have changed the climate to a balmy 30 degrees.

It is in these underground caves that you realize what you are fighting for.

Your family.

Resistance 3 is also back to basics. Like Resistance 1, Resistance 3 is back to the green/yellow health tubes to restore your health. You also get to carry a ton of weapons again. That made me very happy. There is also co-op offline again. That was a huge plus.

You are once again introduced to many new Chimeran.

Lots of new enemies including this guy called the Brawler. He is like a pissed off Donkey Kong.

Lots of new enemies including this guy called the Brawler. He is like a pissed off Donkey Kong.

A Chimeran scout unit walks into Capelli’s tiny town in Oklahoma and the Chimeran also have set up giant Terraformers around the country. Terraformers are huge towers that levitate in the sky that keep the worm holes open.

Just like the Sun, it's beautiful. Just like the Sun, don't get too close.

Just like the Sun, it’s beautiful. Just like the Sun, don’t get too close.

The first question arrises is what are these worm holes for? I’m not really sure and that question doesn’t really get answered in the game. I can only assume that the “pure” chimeran can access it and travel through time. Much like in the Wizard of Oz this little town gets blown away by Chimeran and tornado like winds.

Capelli’s wife yells at Joe to go off with Dr. Malikov to New York City to shut down the main Terraformer. Dr. Malikov who if you don’t remember was the weird Russian doctor that tried to heal Hale of the Chimeran virus.

Capelli and Malikov who has to be in his 70s take a trip to New York from Oklahoma to save human kind.

The journey is your typical “Oh shit that’s a ton of Chimeran coming at us!” trip. as it’s no Disney Cruise.

Speaking of cruises the best part in the game is where you and Dr. Malikov who is pretty bossy are on a small boat traveling up the Mississippi river. The two of you encounter a huge Chimera and I mean huge.

Now boarding Chimera Cruise Lines where all your horrors come true!

Now boarding Chimera Cruise Lines where all your horrors come true!

You are able to get by the giant Chimera but your boat is a wreck and end up on land with Dr. Malikov. As you keep traveling toward New York you meet more humans on the way most of them helpful, some of them not so much.

While riding on a train a group of human bandits attack your train and capture you and Dr. Malikov. The biggest surprise in the game is here where SPOILER ALERT: The head bandit decapitates Dr. Malikov right in front of you!

This plot twist is a common one but one that I always seem to forget that could actually happen. Maybe it’s my good human nature, maybe it’s because I’m naive. I never imagine in such a catastrophe that humans would turn on one another and kill each other for greed. They do in this game.

Capelli is captured and brought to a Pennsylvania prison where he is forced to fight in a gladiator type pit. Capelli fights humans and Chimera with nothing but a sledge hammer. Pretty cool and pretty brutal.

After escaping the prison from the help of another nerdy scientist you finally reach New York.

No this isn't Al Qaeda's doing.... damn those dirty Chimeran.

No this isn’t Al Qaeda’s doing…. damn those dirty Chimeran.

After many battles you manage to make it to the tower but realize there is no way in hell you can actually enter it without being killed. Thanks to some friendly humans you fly up to the Terraformer and land inside it. Capelli manages to bring it down by cutting the power and it all comes crashing down on top of the tower closing the main worm hole.

Celebrations for all, right?

Not exactly, the game ends there but there are still billions of Chimera left on Earth and many questions left unsolved. I would bet almost anything you will see Resistance 4 for the Ps4 sometime soon.

Overall the graphics improved on each game. The story for Resistance 3 was a little weak but the awesome weapons made up for that. Overall I give it a 8.5 out of 10.

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