Adventure Island II: Review

Back for more, our main man Master Higgins must cross eight islands to save yet another princess.

Back for more, our main man Master Higgins must cross eight islands to save yet another princess.

After completing Adventure Island for the Nintendo, I decided that it gave me a good break from beating PS3 games. I enjoyed the toned down graphics and stories. Nothing too complicated about Nintendo games other than the difficulty of actual gameplay. So while I’m currently playing the Ratchet and Clank HD series remake, I switched up to play Adventure Island II, hoping that the developers improved on a fairly decent platform game. To my surprise they did, and I was able to beat Adventure Island in about six hours. So who helped Master Higgins this time around and who was this new princess he was rescuing? Well, read the review to find out.

The first interesting thing I learned about Adventure Island II, is that Master Higgins isn’t rescuing the same princess he was in the first game who was called PrincessĀ Leilani, but instead he is now rescuing her sister, Princess Tina. Now, while we learned Master Higgins is a just a well to do guy, as he didn’t know Leilani and just decided to rescue her on a whim, he is now going to risk himself to rescue yet another stranger? Gee, if only more humans acted like Higgins! Don’t worry, it gets a little bit more steamy as the story continues but more on that later. The first thing I notice about the actual gameplay is that Master Higgins is now accompanied by four different dinosaurs that can be found in eggs throughout levels, or called upon at the beginning of a level if you have saved one of them in your inventory. If you have a dinosaur this makes levels 100 times more easier. I didn’t attempt one level without the help of a dinosaur. There are four of them, one flies, one shoots sparks out of his tail, one breathes fire and the other swims under water. Obviously the flying and swimming ones are great for sky and water levels while the other two wreck any other level.

Each dinosaur was represented by a card suite. My personal favorite was the red dinosaur that shot fire.

Each dinosaur was represented by a card suite. My personal favorite was the red dinosaur that shot fire.

Having the dinosaurs helped a lot, so much that if I died, I started the level just to get my dinosaur back. The islands were much more detailed than the previous entry. Instead of just forests and woods, there were snow levels, sky levels, water levels, and volcano levels. The coolest discovery I made, was the mysterious eggs that would pop out of either the ground or my dinosaur’s ass, no seriously I don’t know where they come from. But the key, no pun intended was to hop fast and when the egg pops up quickly reverse course to crack it before it disappears off screen. Inside the egg was a key, that took you up to the sky and put you in a room with a talking pterodactyl. (I know this game should be played on LSD)

The friendly pterodactyl would ask if you would like to skip this world and go to the next. Well, wanting to beat the game as quickly as I could, I picked yes, and he would fly me to the next island. I thought it was the coolest thing, and a fun secret that are rarely put into games made for today. I had a sense of discovery, and with it, I was able to skip two worlds completely. It was quite awesome.

Another thing that completely changed, was the bosses. Thank God.

The first Adventure Island lacked any creativeness for the bosses at the end of the worlds. Each was just a stone statue with a different head but shot the same stupid fire ball at you. This time however, each boss was unique and you needed different strategies to beat them. In some cases, you could bring your dinosaur friend into battle to help defeat the bosses which ranged from weird vines that grew and shot fire, to wasps, scorpions and an octopus.

The overall world map to Adventure Island II.

The overall world map to Adventure Island II.

So as you may recall, the ending to Adventure Island 1 has Master Higgins and his newly rescued Princess Leilani smooching on the beach. In a move to make all feminists upset, Master Higgins, ditches Leilani after probably “getting it in” with her to rescue her sister, Princess Tina. Like her slutty sister, Princess Tina, puts out for Master Higgins, giving him a kiss at the end, and just like that, a player is born. The final boss wasn’t too hard, but it did pose a challenge. It was two bosses in a row, where you really had to time your jumping on the second boss. Before I give my final score, I did learn something interesting about Master Higgins, he is based off of a real life person in Japan who worked for Nintendo. Don’t ask me his name, but the guy was famous for holding a record of pushing 16 buttons in one second. So just like in real life, Master Higgins was good at hitting the spot, just in a different sense.

Overall, Adventure Island II improved through creativity and better gameplay. Bravo to pimp Master Higgins and him slaying not only 16 islands in two games, but two sisters as well! 7.3 out of 10.

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